Lena Matienko is a composer specialising in the emotive and magical. She is also a classically trained Russian pianist, songwriter, music producer, and vocalist. She is known for her unique blend of orchestral and electronic instruments, tied together with ethereal vocals.

Born behind the Iron Curtain, Lena escaped into music. She began composing at the age of six and acquired numerous trophies for her performance and composition. Her dreams of a career in music were tempered by the onerous realities of life in rural Russia at the dawn of the new millennium. Instead, she switched tacts to a ‘sensible’ career, getting qualified as a Physicist Engineer, majoring in Physics of Metals.

In 2013 she made a permanent move to Australia and was finally given the chance to reignite her passion for music. She began to develop her career as a solo musician, releasing her album, Mosaic, in 2020, which is a compilation of atmospheric instrumentals inspired by her homeland, as well as the new life and family she found in the land Down Under.

Lena Matienko’s compositions range from heartfelt songs about social causes to fantastical instrumental pieces. Her dedication to animal welfare led her to work with the organisation, Forgotten Animals, and also release her single, Monsters, a heart-wrenching song about animal cruelty, which aims to give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.

Long inspired by the works of iconic film composers Thomas Newman, John Williams, Danny Elfman and Carter Burwell, Lena knew she wanted to focus on writing her own scores for film, television, games, and VR. In 2022, she completed her Masters of Arts: Screen Composition at AFTRS (Australian Film Television and Radio School).

A master of the sombre and the whimsical, she specialises in creating an artful blend of sweeping cinematic and dreamy neo-classical styles, as well as using her own skilful and nuanced self-production to bring her musical visions to life.